Fantasmagoria in Hospicio Cabañas

Last night we went to the opening of Mark Dean’s mural piece, Fantasmagoria’s Revenge at the Hospicio Cabañas, the same building that houses Orozco’s, Man on Fire. ¡Que padre! Also, at the reception we were able to meet and greet more members of LA’s Department of Cultural affairs including it’s director Olga Garay. Also, we had a great conversation with artist Barry Markowitz.  Ok, this fool is not only an accomplished painter, but is also the mastermind behind some of my favorite cultural phenomena – he named the “Bedazzler” and had a hand in “Blade Runner”.  Ya. No hay más que decir.  Our esteemed mayor arrives soon for the opening and rumor is he will be attending the Vexed opening. Stay tuned!!!


One Response to “Fantasmagoria in Hospicio Cabañas”

  1. pic 1, (no contabamos con su astucia!) LOL

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