Que me toquen Las golondrinas!

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Ahora llego el tiempo de la despedida. Guadalajara leaves us with many memories. We had a great time meeting people and walking around such a beautiful city! We wish we could stay, but Colin needs to go back to Michigan to continue dropping some knowledge to the kids and Daniel needs to go see his family in Zacatecas. Seeing so many of our friends from Los Angeles having so much fun was like being in some sort of retreat. It makes us little sad but we’re leaving happy with such an awesome experience!

Colin “El Gunckel” o “El malévalo Dr. Gunckel”  y Daniel “Hound-dog”



If you have any pictures or would like to contine blogging about your stay while we’re gone, email Danny at danny at printgonzalez.com


An incident next to La rotunda de los hombres ilustres…

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We got bottles and we know how to use them, mothefuhkeh!

On our way to 7-11 late last night we nearly got jumped.  Unos vatos got out of a car and started talking shit.  But we busted a classic LA move – keep on walking and no hacerles caso. Honestly I was more confused by a dude in white pants spouting “cholo” nonsense: “Ahora si güey! Dame el cel! A donde vas, güey?! Vente aqui!” By the way, why they wanna mess with two intimidating fellows like ourselves?  Just to be safe, we bought a couple of thick coke bottles and emptied them out, no más para estar listos pa’l pedo.

…and after the concert. Pos ni pregunten que sigue!

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Vexing Concert at the MUSA: Las Tres y Lysa Flores

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After two years of working on this project, and spilling copious amounts of blood, sweat and beers over this exhibition – I could think of no better culmination than introducing Las Tres (menos una).  Alice and Teresa are the heart of our show, and having them here in Guadalajara has been an amazing experience.  It reminded me why I agreed to co-curate this exhibition in the first place.  Both women played songs they composed as Las Tres, and a few from their respective careers.  My hands down favorite was a “machup” of “High School” and “We Don’t Need the English.”  At one point The Sirens lifted Colin para un poco de crowd surfing.  A special shout out to whoever was keeping my ass in the air. Also, Lysa Flores, made an appearance on stage to sing along with Las Tres followed by her set with some family history. Apparently, Lisa’s family is from Guadalajara and this was her first time performing here. 

Vexing Concert at MUSA: The Sirens

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Off to a weird start! A Corvette crashed into the side of the museum during the set-up for the concert! First up were the Sirens!  I swear they get better every time I hear them.  And the young folks totally dug them.  Between the radio coverage and myspace, the audience knew lots of the songs and even put in some requests.  After a blazing set (those ladies are powerful!!!) they blew everyone away with an encore – “Oh Bondage!  Up Yours!”  ¡Que vivan Los Esirens!  Later laters The Sirens asked Colin for words of wisdom, life advice.  A dubious prospect, to be certain.  But they just gotta keep doing what they do and loving it.  Punto.

One last hoorah!

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This is the ladies’ first day in Guadalajara and for some of them, their first time. So we decided to take them on an excursion out to see the city before their sound check for the concert this evening. We decided to take them to the Tianguis cultural at Parque Agua Azul. It was a beautiful afternoon and we had a good time looking through the different booths. I know some them scored and bought some vintage comic books! After that we headed to MUSA to set up for the concert.

¡Que siga el pari, dude!

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After the opening, we hit the after party at a local punk club called Pulp Bar.  We squeezed in there como sardinas (yet again) and got our drank on.  Felicidades, dancing, charla – había de todo.  As Pulp is owned by a punkera, she asked all of the Vexing ladies to sign the restroom walls.  Ya son parte de la historia oficial.  Needless to say, we’re all still feeling the love and trying to muster just a few more ounces of energy for the concert tonight!